Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We have several inches of snow on the ground already, and the forecast is for more today.
I'm reminded of this wonderful poem by Ann Weems:

I was surprised
in January
by a crocus growing
right outside my kitchen door:
a splotch of spring
that burst through winter's veil.

Surprised again--
in just two weeks
I couldn't find
the crocus for the snow,
fresh fallen,
the last laughter in winter's fling.

It is buried now,
my crocus;
hidden, but not forgotten,
for I know it's there...
hope growing in winter,
shalom beneath the snow.

Hope Growing in Winter by Ann Weems


Katherine E. said...

Beautiful, Jennifer.

It was 71 here today, but there's a cold front moving through now. Supposedly it's going to freeze tonight or tomorrow. But then up in the 60s by Friday/Saturday.

I love Ann Weems.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, that's a lovely poem and much needed right now. Spring is so far away.

Jan said...

It was 85 here today! But I'm waiting for the cold front that Katherine is writing about.

Hard to imagine snow. I love the poem, and the image of crocuses is lovely.

Barbara B. said...

I love that poem!

Claire said...

Mommy, this is beautiful!!