Sunday, November 30, 2008

Advent Beginnings

We begin again.
It's time to look forward.
It's waiting time, planning time, preparation time.
I love this season and its mix of preparation and waiting.

Navigating the balance between preparing our hearts and lives and doing some real, authentic waiting is a very, very difficult thing.

Gunilla Norris frames waiting like this:

What do we do when we wait? Plan? Fidget? Fret? Dream? Rest? Pace? Why is it so hard to do nothing? The simplest, easiest thing to do is to let things be. Why not "be" in the sun this little moment? Perhaps when we do nothing we see how naked we feel without plans? Perhaps we feel useless without goals? To be without agenda-- is that not the most lovingly present and accepting anyone can be?

There is so much waiting that we do, and so much preparing.
May these days be ones of faithful balance as we open our hearts to the coming of the Christ Child, who embodies love and healing.
Gunilla Norris, A Mystic Garden, p. 16.


Jan said...

Thank you for starting Advent with these thoughts. I appreciate the link to Jan Richardson's "Advent Door," too.

Purple said...

"To be without agenda"

Now that is a powerful statement for it conveys that point where one can put aside our own thoughts/desires/wishes and orient our hearts toward the advent of God.

Have a blessed Advent

Rev SS said...

"To be without agenda-- " excellent way to be present for and with people!

Advent Blessings!

Barbara B. said...

And the photo is BEAUTIFUL!

Ivy said...

Beautiful picture and post! I just found out about your blog from Diane Roth.
My husband is also a Benedictine oblate.