Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bucket List

This morning I'm attending the last installment of a quilt class I've been attending this fall. It's been fun to drive to my local quilt store and learn for one hour prior to the shop's opening. I've learned some new techniques and am a slightly more confident beginner.

Turns out that although the class was billed as being for beginners, I think I'm the only true beginner in the class. It's ok, becasue I've still learned a great deal.
I've learned quite a bit about techniques that I imagine using down the road-- how to adapt a pattern, and how to choose different colors than the ones suggested.
Learning to quilt has been one of the things on my "bucket list" (good movie!), and as much as anything, I'm pleased that I followed through and took this class, just because I wanted to. I might take another class, just because it's been fun!

What are some of the things that are on your "fun things you've always wanted to do or try..." list?

Fiber Artists of San Antonio's cool website includes this beautiful quilt by Susie Monday (Earth Angel Kuan Yin).


Purple said...

Go on a hot air balloon ride.

Jan said...

Do something creative. . . but I haven't taken the steps to find out what it would be. I love the idea that you're quilting. The parish secretary makes beautiful works of art as quilts, but she sells them for $800, and that's too much for me!

Katherine E. said...

That's a beautiful quilt you've pictured, Jennifer.

Hmmm, well I'm thinking about taking a calligraphy class in the spring. Looking forward to that!

mompriest said...

piano lessons (again) and painting classes...sounds like a great idea to continue the classes....

Rev SS said...

Glad you're doing the quilting you've always wanted to do ... several of my friends quilt, and a couple have kindly gifted me with one of their creations.

I want to do some oil painting one day.