Sunday, November 16, 2008

Searching for Words

Asking the simple question:
What will serve life today?
is a penetrating practice.
Not what will serve me, my problems,my family,
my desires or worries.

Such questions only lead us to the realm of worry.
When we ask,
What will serve life right here and now?
we begin to live in a larger picture.

Whatever circumstances we find ourselves in,
this question can help us focus our intentions.
It is so fundamental it should lie within
every small choice we make, not just the big ones.
What will serve life today?

Gunilla Norris, Inviting Silence, p. 42


Jan said...

Good questions and thoughts. Thank you, my friend.

Barbara B. said...

Profound question... I like the picture too.

Purple said...

I have a book of her poetry, which just arrived a couple of days ago.

I was immediately struck by the photo you used...all the branches are turned upward...all at their own particular angle...perhaps asking the question...what will serve life today.

mompriest said...

I love Gunilla Norris....and that book, too!

Katherine E. said...

Oh, Jennifer. This is so wonderful. I was just reading last week Gunilla Norris' poem "Thresholds." Do you know it?

Jennifer said...


I don't! Please help me know where to find it!

thailandchani said...

So absolutely true! Imagine how much better everyday life would be with more of this kind of thinking.


Rev SS said...

Great reflection and picture!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

The photograph is stunning. And that is a wonderful quotation to keep in mind.