Friday, October 7, 2011

The Things We Do For Love-Friday Five

Songbird invites us to consider the following at RevGalBlogPals today:

1) Something you did for love that was a hit
2) Something you did for love that was more of a miss
3) Something someone did for love of you
4) Something you *wish* someone would do for love of you
5) Something you've done for love of God

1. I spent a whole morning in a used book/music store sifting through cds to create a stack of music from the 60's and 60's for my music loving teenager. He was very pleased.
2. I attempted to make a complicated dish that was an epic fail.
3. Someone called on the phone two days ago just to thank me for serving at the church. IT meant the world to me.
4. I would love to be surprised with a visit from a friend.
5. I've changed bedpans and held people's heads while they wretch, and stayed close by when they are frightened, and stayed up all night with the family of a dying man. I have a lot of stories like these. I believe ministry is organic.