Thursday, May 20, 2010

No lament

It's a challenge to find the time to write here. I'm working on my sabbatical proposal, due June 21 for a sabbatical I hope to take in the summer of 2011. To that end, I've been spending a lot of my free time working on it, and journaling, so that my coach has something decent to respond to and so that I can work on discerning what to do, where to go,and all the "whys" that accompany a proposal.

FBC's recital was magical! We had such a wonderful weekend and it was glorious to hear her sing and sing and sing. On Sunday evening she was in an opera, which was also great fun.

Between then and now, she's finished the school year, returned home and is beginning summer work as a nanny. SBC is finishing up his school year and it's wonderful having everyone home in the nest. We're looking forward to a happy summer, with a sixteen year old who will be driving and young adults who are happily making music, indoors and out.

More later, I promise.

Chicago image from here.