Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heading out...

Tomorrow we're off to FBC's institution of higher learning to enjoy her junior vocal recital, a requirement for graduation for music majors. We're very excited. Grandparents are coming, teachers, friends, churchy's going to be great.
On Sunday evening she's performing in a three person opera. That should be fun, too.

I'm looking forward to three days of family time. Lucy's headed to our favorite kennel for her first experience of canine camping. The weather is lovely.

Hope your weekend contains joy, too!

Photo is of FBC...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Meaningful Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services have provided space and room for reflection and meditation. In my bones, it feels like Holy Week.
Inclining in the direction of the silence of God has been a good practice for me, and I hope for those who availed themselves of our Lenten Quiet Day of reflection on Palm Sunday afternoon, as well as the more traditional services later in the week.

Now it's time to do the work that makes space for Easter joy. Richard Rohr has this beautiful reflection to offer:

The Sabbath rest was the pivotal day for the Jews, and even the dead body of Jesus rests on Saturday, waiting for God to do whatever God plans to do. A sacred pause precedes the New Presence. A new creatio ex nihilo (“something out of nothing”) is about to take place, but first it must be desired, opened to, and longed for. If God gratuitously created me once out of pure love, why not again and again? That is Jesus’ faith, and we are trying to make it our own every day of our lives.
The tomb becomes a womb today, waiting for rebirth.

We wait in hope.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday Mutterings

Found this via Sarah at Seeking to Build a Bridge who got it from Unconscious Mutterings. The exercise is explained there. You can do it too!
It works for me as a way to add something at the end of a mighty long Maundy Thursday.

1. Bow out :gracefully
2. Relationships :complicated,life-giving
3. Facebook :Not me. Not yet.
4. Items : on a list of things to do
5. Ours : sacred trust
6. Sting : words; The Police
7. Hangover : once is plenty
8. Contacts : best thing I did for myself (at 50)
9. Lonely : Carson McCullers?
10. Seven days :Holy Week feels much longer than seven days...