Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adventures in Missing The Point

This 2003 work by Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo is very readable and another book that reflects McLaren's conversational style of writing. It's not especially deep, but is helpfully divided into chapters about "big issues" in life and faith.

Once again, I don't agree with all of the conclusions at which either author arrives, but to do so would be "missing the point", I think. And again, in large measure, the critique of the Church that is the starting point for both authors is the critique of conservative American evangelicalism, and both authors are courageous in many of their critiques. If you start from a different place, as I do, it's still a good book and an interesting discussion, but your burning issues may be different.

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mompriest said...

Ok, I really like Brian McLaren....but Tony way...he led our diocesan clergy conference a few years ago....and he was AWFUL....I mean, he was insulting...his "technique" might work well with some folk, but for an educated, compassionate, caring, dedicated, activist focused group, he was just plain ridiculous...he obviously just gave us his canned speal... and did not do his homwork...yuck!

(ok rant over....but I do feel compelled to teach others that this man who, in writing, appears to be one thing, is another in person)....