Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We gather together

Soon it will be time to gather together.

DH and FBC will arrive home tonight from a business trip and college, respectively.

Tomorrow night we're having an joint service with a neighboring Presbyterian Church.
Lots of voices, lots of reasons to be thankful for our connections, new-found and greatly celebrated. They've invited our congregation to their long-standing tradition of breakfast on Thursday morning. We'll be donating a massive amount of food to area food pantries.

My family's hosting three guests, perhaps more, for T Day.

And then, the Advent fun begins. We have a lot going on that truly makes preparing for the Christ child a great joy. More on that later.

Gathering, gathering. Our president-elect is gathering a cadre of advisors and nominees to key White House posts. People who are grieving are gathering up emotions that would threaten to undo them at this time of year. Many are trying to identify and gather resources to face an uncertain future.

As individuals, as neighbors, as citizens of a nation and global citizens as well, I pray that we can gather together so that no one feels alone or bereft; so that there can be quiet peace in the hearts of all people.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what a beautiful post... and i like the image of gathering so very much. my wheels are beginning to turn on that 'sermon-thing' i have to get done... gathering. gathering. gathering... i shall go pour some more coffee and gather my thoughts!

Katherine E. said...

Lovely, lovely post, Jennifer. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

All the best to you!

Jan said...

The image of "gathering together" is a good one. I am going to hold that thought in my heart as we travel forth for Thanksgiving to a new venue, my son and his wife's.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Purple said...

I am thinking of the song "Gather Us In" (Marty Haugen??).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Enjoy the service and breakfast.

Your comment about the massive food donation makes me wonder: Did your church take part in unloading the leftover food from the convention in Rosemont? Ours did, although I wasn't one of the unloaders.

Rev SS said...

Nice post! - happy thanksgiving!