Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas peace

A tiny moment to blog.
'Tis the season.
Greetings, blessings and a prayer for heavenly peace to you and all whom you love.
I'm very grateful to have found so many friends in the blogosphere.

I've always been fond of the Frugal Gourmet's benediction---
"I bid you peace."

God's peace to you.
Peace quilt


Purple said...

And I bid you peace as well.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

the frugal gourmet... i miss watching him! may you too have peace this night and throughout this holy season... and into the new year!

Barbara B. said...

Have a wonderful Christmas.

mompriest said...

oh my....blessings for in the land of the arctic....and a very Merry and Peace-filled Christmas....

Rev SS said...

Yes, peace to you too, Jennifer!

Diane said...

I Love Love Love the peace quilt. Merry Christmas, Jennifer.

Katherine E. said...

I bid you peace....yes, I like that, too, Jennifer.

Hope you and yours are well and happy this evening.