Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaBloPoMo- Day 9: Planning

Here's what I started and saved before our home computer crashed. (I really have blogged every day this month. I've just been unable to post.) Tomorrow is quickly filling up with errands, which is part of what a day off is meant for. We'll be up earlier than usual to get my beloved to the hospital for a test, then back quickly for a furnace inspection. After that, the day will be less scheduled, but the to do list will keep me close to home. On days like tomorrow, I enjoy setting some goals to weave into the day. I'm planning to knit a little, read a little, exercise a lot, and make butternut squash soup. This, friends, is the prescription for a perfect day, in my book. Let's hope.

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Teri said...

oops...I forgot to call for a furnace inspection. sigh.