Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaBloPoMo- Day 11: What a quiet day looks like

Our church office is closed today, but Veterans' Day is one of those funky holidays. Some businesses and schools observe it; others do not. Bank holidays are considered church office holidays where I serve, kind of a planned snow day. It's great for staff morale, but today three of us showed up to take advantage of the phone ringing less frequently, so that we could catch up on some writing with deadlines attached. Hilarity ensued when the phone rang no less often, and we couldn't ignore it. We yelled into the air, "We're closed" and then answered the phone as usual. Folks stopped by and rapped on the door to be let in. We should have been clearer, and we will next time and swap our outgoing voice mail messages for some "office closed" words and place a sign on the outer door indicating that we are closed. Then it really would feel like a quiet day.

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