Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anybody home?

FBC got home last night. She brought two darling friends and the laughter and easy fun began immediately.

SBC is one busy athlete, doing impressive things as a second year wrestler. I'm not crazy about watching wrestling, but it does provide some great knitting time when I can't bear to watch.

DH seems to have recovered from a bout with a flu of undisclosed variety.

Blogging seems to have taken a way back seat to work, Thanksgiving planning, tweeting and more. I'm working on a little thing for National Novel Writing Month, and am trying to exercise more. So many practices, so little time...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. I'm grateful for my blogging friends, even though I'm consistently inconsistent in my practice.


Diane said...

a little thing for National Novel writing month?

We have to talk.

Mompriest said...

Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving!

Rev SS said...

Good to hear from you! Happy Thankksgiving. (Love the picture)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

consistently inconsistent... oh aren't we all?!

hope you had great long weekend, that the novel is going smashingly well, and that you continue to be good to yourself... because after all you matter!

Barbara B. said...

Yes, the blogging took a back seat with me too... Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!