Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five: Break Time!

Songbird lives where it's winter break time. So she asks, "Tell us how you would spend:

1. a 15 minute break
2. an afternoon off
3. an unexpected free day
4. a week's vacation
5. a sabbatical"

This is not hard.
1. A 15 minute break would include a book in hand and a mug of coffee or tea close by. Right now I'm reading Brueggeman's The World Militant. Or I might check my friends' blogs. Either way, the time would go quickly.

2. An afternoon off might find me fabric shopping (That's a real, live store!) or playing with fabric or walking.

3.An unexpected free day? I'd be here.
4. A week's vacation? Easy.
5. A sabbatical? Reading, writing, touring and investigating art in worship spaces, like this.

Coffee cup poster from here.


Purple said...

Love the focus on the arts!

mompriest said...

I too love the focus on the arts....and it made me homesick to see images of Argonne and the Art Institute....sweet!

Sophia said...

Oh, you're near the Art Institute--too cool. I saw the most amazing icon exhibit there when I was in grad school at Notre Dame.

Songbird said...

Interesting sabbatical idea!

Jan said...

You always have interesting ideas. I hope some of those ideas work out.

Let me know if I should read the Brueggemann book.

Barbara B. said...

I'd love to visit the Art Institute! (Especially if we could go together!)

Singing Owl said...

Let's get a group together for the Art Institute! I could drive down for the weekend. ;-)