Friday, June 3, 2011

My Perfect Morning

There's a thread on Twitter today called "my perfect morning."
I'm working hard to find bloggable things to share, in an effort to get back on track here.

I'm absolutely a morning person. I love the fresh start of a new day, the dew of a crisp, clear dawn, and the sounds and scents of morning. I love birdsong and lilac, both of which have accompanied me on morning walks lately. I received a new bike for my birthday last Saturday, and I've been out on it every chance I could, even in between rainstorms last weekend.

A perfect morning for me would look a lot like mornings when DH and I were first married and after FBC was born. We lived in Cape May, New Jersey, just two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and a boardwalk tailor-made for bike rides with great scenery on either side. A perfect morning would include a bike ride at the beach, followed by coffee and bagels at our friends' store, Bodacious Bagels, followed by a bike ride home. Reading the paper at breakfast, chatting with folks, playing with a child were all parts of an idyllic time. I remember thinking just that, twenty years ago: "This is the picutre in my head of a perfect morning."

It still is.

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Jan said...

Yay--you posted! What a perfect morning you described. Happy belated birthday! So glad you are biking.

Deb said...

Cape May is beautiful. We spent a few days there over April vacation 2010. It was chilly but all the spring bulbs were in full force, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining. Indeed a perfect spot for perfect mornings.

Purple said...

Bagels...yum! My perfect morning has me arising around 8 AM, pancakes...and staying in my jammies till noon. a lake watching the sunrise and hit the water. (I've actually done that in my pajamas)

Terri said...

I've never been to Cape May, but have similar memories of perfect mornings, like you, usually with nature, family, and a cup of coffee....

Diane said...

ah! looking for some perfect mornings, myself.

glad you posted. miss you lots.

and may I say? I am trying twitter, and not really getting it, much.