Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week- Monday

I can bemoan the fact that I don't blog often enough, or I could make space, at least on my day off, to blog. The latter is my choice.

I'm grateful for the friends I've made through blogging and through Twitter. KT at Halfway to Normal reflects regularly on what she loves, inviting others to create their own love lists. Being grateful and mindful is a pretty surefire way to combat pessimism or an over focus on the glass being half empty. KT's reminders that leaving space for noticing and responding to what we love is vital to a life of faith. Sounds right to me.

In an effort to balance all sorts of responsibilities this week related to the journey to Gethsemane and Golgotha, I've planned to include one grateful response as a way to attend to those twinkling reminders of resurrection life that do not disappear because this is a solemn week.

Today I'm writing a few notes to people I love. Life is fragile, and it never hurts to take the time to tell folks what I know for sure: I love them.

May this day contain rest and reflection for you, too.

Nice note cards from here.


Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

what a good idea. writing notes to let folks know you are thinking of them and love them...maybe I'll do some of that too.

Jan said...

Jennifer, you are dear. I'm so glad you are looking in at blogs again AND writing on yours!

laughing pastor said...

thank you.
hearing your voice
was a moment of grace.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what a lovely treat... i'm sure folks will cherish the cards. and yep even when life is stinky-bo-stinky we still have moments when the good stuff breaks right on thru...