Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Habit Forming

Those  who know me well know that I'm trying hard to get back in the habit of blogging. I would welcome any and all suggestions as I try to make this habit stick. Over the years I've written "Morning Pages" a la Julia Cameron, and I've gotten in  the groove with, but I'm not doing either of those right now. For me there's a bit of a hurdle to overcome with blogging, because it's so much more public than the Morning Pages or It's that "for public consumption" part that's tripping me up. It feels self-conscious. I wonder how to get over that?

I have some good habits. I have some poor ones. I've broken some poor habits and I've let some good habits slide, too. Several articles on the Web suggest that blogging can help reduce stress. Perhaps that is my hook. I'm walking to reduce stress. I'm paying really close attention to nutrition as another avenue toward alleviating it. I'm watching panda videos, since Good Morning America's health correspondent touts fun panda videos as stress-reducing.

You know this panda video, don't you?

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Terri said...

I don't watch GMA, we're The Today Show people. I completely support the idea of reducing stress in whatever way one can. Blogging to reduce stress, interesting concept. So, what is causing you stress. Not the details, the common themes that resonate with all of us. How are those common themes vibrating in your inner being right now and stirring stuff up? What questions are nudging you and not letting go? How do you feel after you walk? Do you observe the world around you or do you plug in headphones and listen to music? Are you walking in the colder weather or is that harder for you - and then what will happen if you don't walk? (Walking in the winter is really hard for me - so I bought an exercise bike). I think you have a lot to say about these common themes that resonate with all us. I hope you start to write about some of them. I've missed your voice.

I'd write more if I had more quiet time - but that is not my current reality - so I write when I can.