Thursday, September 11, 2014

This is the day

I'm clearly not yet back into the rhythm of blogging regularly, but I want to get there. I'm giving some serious thought to returning to Julia Cameron's wonderful practice of "morning pages" that she outlines in The Artist's Way. I had a wonderful time writing those pages, once upon a time. Then I moved to the website called, which was great, and I think I shrunk back into a non-blogging hole. I love reading other people's blogs, but when I consider why I don't blog, I think it's about self-consciousness. I'm not persuaded that I have anything worthwhile to offer. I'm very shy about anything that seems like self-promotion. I admire it in others, but can't seem to get there myself. So, what about today, this day that God has made? On this day, which is overcast and chilly here in Chicago, in contrast to the cloudless, warm, beautiful day it was thirteen years ago when the beauty of the morning changed so abruptly, I think it's wise to pause and be still; to remember and be so grateful for the helpers, as Mr. Rogers is famous for having said. To be mindful that we have such a long, long road to peace and understanding in our world, and to commit ourselves again to the gift and the challenge of being peacemakers.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted you are back to sharing as I always sift some gold from your thoughts and reflections.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i do Julia Cameron's practice of "morning pages"... not every morning... but they make a difference to me. not profound, but there. i don't feel i share there what i blog... a bit of overlap, but i'm cautious. that's the thing about those morning pages... they can be so freeing if we let them.

shall i lend you a pen my friend? (who does have things to say!! you do!!)