Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five: Lateness

My friend Jan at Yearning for God writes:

"All day I have looked repeatedly at RevGals to see where today's Friday Five is. . . . AND only right now, at 2 pm in Texas, do I realize I am the one in charge! I am sorry I am so late and forgetful.

That brings forth all the times I've been late or forgot something. How about you?

When have you been late or a no-show? When have you forgotten something or someone?"

1. at church:
I'm feeling anxious just thinking about this. I really detest being late or a no-show.
I can't think of a time, but people are probably too kind to remind me.
My stomach hurts just imagining it.
2. at home:
I'm late more often than I'd care to admit. I think it has something to do with #1....
3. at work:
Well, for me work is church. So, see #1.
4. with friends: I'm behind on all sorts of contact with friends. #1.
(You're catching on, aren't you?)
5. ? where else? I think I'm pretty prompt and on the ball when it comes to my kids.
(Oh, dear. I wonder if this is some kind of a quiz about priorities.
If time is a treasure, then this certainly reveals where my heart is.
Feeling rather indicted....)

The White Rabbit from here.


Jan said...

Jennifer, I love that you played today! Sometimes I come over to see you and you haven't posted, and so I am glad you have today. Sorry it was such an ordeal to put your link on. At least all your attempts increased the "number" of comments, so I didn't feel like so few participated with my lateness.

Don't feel indicted. With all our commonalities in books, personality quirks, and connections, here is something else we have in common--NOT wanting to be late! Maybe that's because I grew up in a military family, but I am usually early--except for today's FF!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Jennifer, my comment on RevGalBlogPals has the link to this post for you. All is well.