Friday, April 1, 2011

National Poetry Month- Day One

In a Country Once Forested

The young woodland remembers
the old, a dreamer dreaming

of an old holy book,
an old set of instructions,

and the soil under the grass
is dreaming of a young forest,

and under the pavement the soil
is dreaming of grass.

Wendell Berry

Young forest photo from here.


Diane said...

oh! National Poetry Month! now that's good to know.


good to see you. I LOVE Wendell Berry

Terri said...

Oh nice! Poety month, eh! Good to know

Rev SS said...

beautiful .... peom and picture!

Katherine E. said...

Hi Jennifer!

I just got one of Wendell Berry's novels, but I haven't yet started it.

Very glad the Cynthia B. post was helpful!

Purple said...

WB is one of my favorite poets.

Thank you for the gracious comment on my sermon last was a sermon I needed to hear for myself as well.