Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday

I'm trying so hard to get back to blogging.
I'm writing at, which feels like a good practice, but I just haven't gotten back into the habit of posting something here every day.
In an effort to say something, today I am grateful for...

*sunshine, which makes my morning walk much more pleasant
*a great wedding over the weekend. Perfect, in fact.
*Lucy, home from the kennel. I love her so much.
*2.5 pounds lost last week. I'll take it!
*some stability at home. That's good.
*terrific books I'm reading (The Sabbath World and The Happiness Project)
*time away.

That's good for now....


Katherine said...

I really liked The Happiness Project.

Hey, would you be interested in forming a book club? I miss the one I did in CA. It would be fun to get one started. Don't know who else to ask, but maybe you would... let me know.

Songbird said...

And I really liked The Sabbath World!

Always good to hear from you.

Terri said...

I have to check out the Happiness Project and Sabbath - and, I really do hope you begin to blog again.

Diane said...

let me know how you liked the Happiness Project....

glad you checked in :)