Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Break

FBC is home for a small fall break. She brought a friend home with her--another music major-- but this guy is a composition major with buckets o' talent and a great personality and an agenda for his small break which includes jamming with SBC. It's going to be a nice long weekend around here.

Here's hoping this pretty fall weekend brings simple pleasures and people with whom you like to jam, too.

Fall leaves from here.


Jan said...

This is the only place I'll see fall leaves! MJ is on fall break, too, but she's spending it with her boyfriend, so I'm glad FBC is home with you!

Songbird said...

It sounds like a good weekend. We were living that last Sunday and Monday, a happy time.

Rev SS said...

hope it was as wonderful as it sounds

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oooh... hope the jam was wonderful and the time with the kiddos. hope the rest of the autumn days are good to you!