Tuesday, July 6, 2010

20 Questions

I need to get back into blogging. Here's a way, I hope!

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
I can hardly remember back that far. (It's been a full day.) I think I thought, 'Good. No toothpaste on my black t-shirt."

2. Do you miss anyone right now?
Indeed, I do. I miss my mom. I regret that I didn't take more time to travel to see her in her last years.

3. If you could move anywhere else, would you?
I'd move next door to a Teavana store that was looking for a professional tea tester. Either that, or I'd take up residence inside a Whole Foods Store. I really like their values, plus they have a chair massage place on site.

4. If you could choose, what would your last meal be?
Basil Chicken from Cida Thai.

5. What famous person, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with?
Eleanor Roosevelt.

6. What was the last book you read?
In The End The Beginning by Moltmann

7. What was the last movie you watched?
In the theater, Toy Story 3
Netflix: Grey Gardens

8. What was the last song you heard?
Contra by Vampire Weekend (It was on the car. I am the parent of a teenager, okay?)

9. What is your dream vacation?
Chatham, Cape Cod in the off season.

10. What is the next trip you will take?
We're driving to La Foret in Colorado at the end of July.

11. Did you ever go to camp?
Not until I was an adult. I went as a camp counselor to a Presbyterian camp. It was fun. I liked it.

12. Have you ever been in love?
Absolutely, without a doubt.

13. What do you want to know about the future?
Will we see peace in the Middle East in this decade?

14. Where is your best friend?
I have a lovely cadre of best friends. They are in the next room, in Arlington, VA and in southern Illinois.

15. How is your best friend?
They're all well, thank you.

16. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
No comment. That would be gossip, wouldn't it?

17. What does your last text message say?
"Quite the storm here."

18. What are 3 things you've always wanted to do, that you still plan to accomplish?
I want to take my planned sabbatical. I want to meet some long-term personal goals (I'm close! How's that for vague?), and I want hike the Grand Canyon.

19. What is one thing you learned from your parents?
Keep short accounts.

20. What is one thing you hope to teach to your own children?
Love the wonderful person God created you to be.

I got these from Seeking Authentic Voice and Meaning and Authenticity, and I think the rules are that if you copy these from me and answer them on your blog you are supposed to let me know....so off I go to let Mompriest and Katherine E. know...

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Sarah S-D said...

hey there- guess i'll blog hijack too as i'm getting the impression you don't have access to your e-mail at home. i did just send you an e-mail. thanks for the heads up about the death. i was out of town all afternoon and into the night and so hadn't sent the stephen minister e-mail yet. i will update the new minister and will wait for word from you before taking any other steps.

so you have it... stoutearthchild at mac dot com.

Mompriest said...

I have thought about hiking the Grand Canyon...even after several trips there looking down into it...it's an arduous trip but exhilerating too. Good goal!

Jan said...

So glad you did this!! I always miss you and have been grateful that lately you've left comments on my blog. I dearly love your desire for your children.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i played...

and btw i enjoy vampire weekend in my truck as i drive... and i don't even have teens!! bwaa haaa

Diane said...

glad to see you back! missed you!
I was hoping we could connect up when I'm in Chicago around August 1, but I sounds like you'll be gone ?

anyway, I may use this to kickstart my own blog in a few days.

Beth said...

Love these questions...and have "borrowed" them for my own blog. (They'll be published on Saturday, after I have a chance to reflect on some of them.)