Friday, December 4, 2009

Keeping it Simple-Friday Five

Sally asks us to list five things you won't be doing to prepare for Christmas.

We won't be doing outdoor decorations, except for a wreath on the front door.
We won't be having any out-of-town family with us for Christmas this year.
We won't be having an open house for the congregation because we did so in November.
We won't be sending as many Christmas cards this year.
We won't be making those little quick breads for last-minute gifts.

Oooh....we sound like Grinches. I hope we're going to be asked what we will be doing....


Jan said...

Love your grinch image! Great plans. Our new priest is having an open house for the congregation, which seems overwhelming to me. Yay for your weight loss!!!! Maybe we should exchange pictures!

Auntie Knickers said...

Doesn't really sound too Grinchy to me ... quite reasonable in fact. Enjoy!

Songbird said...

I'm looking forward to my one out-of-town guest, but that's because he's my newly grown son!
Sounds like your plans are very sensible.

Purple said...

I am thinking of doing an open house...maybe in March.

May these more relaxed time give you some relaxing space.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

you don't seem like grinches... just folks who are takin' time to not go crazy baking and decorating!

i haven't hung my wreaths yet... perhaps since it's snowing i should hop to it!