Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life is a Verb- 50@50

I've just begun reading and working through a marvelous book called Life is a Verb by Patti Digh. On her website, she includes a list of fifty things she plans to do this year.

I turned fifty last week, and, I must say, it's pretty fun so far.
Nothing's changed radically, but it's a good place to be and there's lots more great stuff on the horizon.

With gratitude to Patti Digh for an endless storehouse of inspiration, here's my list of fifty things I'd like to do or learn this year:

1. wear contact lenses (mission accomplished: 6/2/09)
2. prepare polenta (done! 7/4/09)
3. finish a quilt
4. make pottery
5. effectively keep ahead of weeds in my garden
6. plan sabbath time gracefully
7. not allow mean-spirited people to rent space in my head
8. prepare excellent Asian food
9. play tennis every week this summer
10.walk a good distance every day
11.outfit a great craft area
12.catch up on reading Harry Potter
13.teach my kids to cook
14.become regular at Praying in Color a great prayer buddy
16.learn ballroom dancing
17.journal regularly a better blogger
19.resume sending birthday cards
20.take all my vacation/con ed time
21.connect with a great new project
22.learn to really live healthfully, finally
23.use the labyrinth regularly
24.keep in touch with Clarie by mail when she's at school
25.turn walking into jogging
26.lose 50
27.practice yoga
28. listen more closely to what people are saying
29.listen more closely to what God is saying
30.enter and complete a 10K
31. learn to take good photographs
32. play the guitar more regularly
33. become a wine taster
34. drink a martini
35. learn to bake bread well
36. repot all my plants
37. grow confident in decorating
38. eliminate paper napkins from our dining table at home
39. get Christmas gear organized
40. learn to knit socks
leaving these blank for now....for future inspiration....


Jan said...

So sorry I didn't know about your birthday. Hope it was a happy one. I've found life to be BETTER since turning 50. I always trust your judgment on books, so this sounds interesting. What a thought--to list things I'd actually like to accomplish. Since I've been stuck for awhile, that would probably be a very good idea for me.

Thanks, Jennifer. Glad you're "back"!

Purple said...

These are great...I especially like walk the labyrinth (but then you are not surprised by that). Maybe I'll make a list as well.

1. Buy the book!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

totally laughing and diggin' #7... *cheers* to you on the birthday and the intention to live more fully! you go girl!!

mompriest said...

sometimes those folks simply steal that space in one's head - so, have the ability to evict them when that happens....

What a great idea and fabulous list.

May I suggest adding: "visit blogger-friend-in-the-desert and swim in her pool" - but perhaps that is for next year?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a great list.

I turned 50 last September,. It's not a bad age to be.

Diane said...

I like #7 too. (still reading, anyway :).

great list! what a good idea!

Diane said...

and happy happy birthday and happy year!

Barbara B. said...

A special "YAY!" for #1. ;)

Katherine E. said...

Yes! Inspiring!

Jan said...

I ordered the book, as if I need another one. . . .

Jan said...

PS It's funny that my changed icon is at the bottom of your comments, and the "old" one at the top!

Jan said...

Here I am again to let you know that my book came today. I love it! Thank you for writing about it, Jennifer.